Take Off Your Shoes at the Door



The internet is a massive space, like huge, like really huge, like so damn big Google hasn’t even indexed 10% of the entire thing.

Think about that for a second, GOOGLE, one of the biggest companies in the world and considered by far the best search database in the world, hasn’t even scratched the surface of everything that can possibly be found online.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me as scared as when Ripley was having an Alien burst out of her stomach…

Either way, the point is that anything you put online, anything, can be around forever and you must be extremely careful about what you say or do on the internet. 

In order to have a better digital footprint and a better reputation online, make sure you’re only posting something if you really need to, and that what you’re posting is of good quality and is suitable for your personal standards.



Bad status updates and impulse tweets can, and probably will come back to haunt you at some point in your life if you’re after a certain job or award. 

I’ve learnt plenty throughout this semester, and I’m glad to have experienced all these different websites I otherwise probably wouldn’t have ever visited. Or if I would visit them in the future, at least now I have a solid head start on branding myself, connecting my accounts and getting educated on how the monster that is the internet works.

Managing Your Online Reputation

Today at school we learned about Online Reputation Management (ORM,) and what exactly it means to manage how you’re viewed by the public online.

Basically how I would describe it is being aware of what people are able to find about you on google or any other website. The best way to manage this, and make sure your best work is the first thing people find, and not your drunken tweets about your job or your bad day, is to keep posting new material that is professional and appropriate.

Sometimes this might mean deleting older posts, or asking a friend to delete a post that includes you, but is likely Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW.)



ORM can be a life saver for people, because your online reputation is your image reflected on the internet, managing your online reputation will allow customers to see who you really are, and what you’re capable of. If you have bad reviews that are easily found on the internet, those potential customers that you’re looking for will be turned off and not want your service.

It’s one’s own job to make sure their online rep is not being harmed when it shouldn’t be. If you want to build your brand or your website, it is paramount that what you want people to see when they search your name is what they actually see when they do it.

If your twitter is linked with your blog and/or Facebook, be sure to keep an eye on it and remember to delete anything that someone else might interpret as inappropriate, especially if you’re on the lookout for a new job or being reviewed at your current one.


Our teacher in social media class warns us, almost weekly, that if you’re about to publish something, make sure its content is something your parents wouldn’t mind reading, and especially something your grandparents wouldn’t mind reading.

He tells us this because, you never…never ever ever…know who could/will end up reading your post.

It could be your mother, it could somehow be Wayne Gretzky, hell it could even be Barack Obama.

– TheOzzymandias

Crazy Animation Podcast

Today in social media class our groups were asked to do a podcast about whatever we could come up with.

We recorded the podcast on Adobe Audition with my group member Edward’s MacBook Pro.

The podcast is mainly an interview with a classmate named Aaron who I’ve done a post about in the past, you can view that here: http://theozzymandias.com/2014/02/13/current-filmmaking-trends/

Edward and I mainly asked Aaron what his pet peeves were, more specifically about the movies and TV shows he watches, and we got some awesomely hilarious answers!

We had a lot of fun making this little podcast and I hope you listen to the audio above and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Austin goes BRUTAL

My group in social media class was assigned to make a viral video, or to make a video in the hopes of it going viral.
A few days passed and we were unable to come up with an idea of what to do.
That was until I grabbed a wall and started to pretend (sort of) to hit my head off it, we found it pretty darn funny so we started to run with it!
We keep walking down the hall and I start knocking my head off lockers in hopes this could be this viral video we’ve been after!
The message we are hoping to get out is pure happiness and laughter, and we hope this video can be a bright spot in your day!
Thanks a million to Jason, one of our group members who edited this to be the amazing video that it is!
So now it’s up to you all – my audience – to help my group and I get this video as many views as possible!

One-Eyeland Wild Styles


” First image in a series called Too Big to Fail. ” by Todd Antony

Today in class my group of aspiring young photographers, videographers and I researched a photo/portfolio sharing website called One Eyeland (oneeyeland.com.) 

From our research we gathered that the website itself could definitely use a nice make-over as it is pretty bland and boring to look at, however the quality of the work is outstanding. With 50,000+ active members there is always someone on to see your photo. One of the main downfalls is that you can only upload five pictures a day with a free account, but hey it’s better than one! 

More specifically we researched three different photographers on this website: Hartono Hosea, Jasna Boudard and Todd Antony. The person I mainly focused on was Todd Antony, and wow! All I can say is this is a unique photographer!…Well I guess I have plenty more to say as I can’t end the blog post right now can I?


” Gordon Ramsay for Channel 4 ” by Todd Antony

Todd is obviously a wiz with using photoshop as most of his pictures are incredibly stunning yet seem to be mainly artificial. He seems to be extremely varied in his techniques, and he uses plenty of different subjects, spanning from an elderly cheerleading squad, to a Ferrari or Mercedes Benz, soccer players, and some of the craziest landscape shots I’ve ever seen!

Here’s a link to Todd’s One Eyeland portfolio so you can take a look at some more of his work! 


It’s hard to say exactly what style of photographer Todd is because he can take, and is so good at taking, such a wide range of photos. 


Todd definitely doesn’t like to stick with the same style for too long, which to me seems to be a really good way to stay interested and get educated in as many kinds of photography as possible.

So I guess I would say Todd’s style is a go with the flow kinda style, doing whatever he wants, when he wants.

If it makes for this good of pictures, it’s definitely a style I can see myself using in my own career.

- TheOzzymandias



The Lifestyle of Callaway Golfers


Golf is a sport where almost anyone can play and find success. If only you stick with it through the hard times, and put it in the effort, then who knows what might happen in your future.

When you have a company like Callaway backing you on your journey up the mountain that is becoming a professional golfer, then it would most likely make things a lot easier for not just you, but for your entire family as well.

This video below, ‘The Callaway Lifestyle’ is a great promotional tool by Callaway that helps demonstrate the beautiful sport of golf, the family aspect that goes into being successful in such an intense sport, and the fact that just about anyone, young or old, can play golf.

I couldn’t help but notice the quality of production that went into making this amazing video. I love going to a golf course to play for the afternoon, and this video made me want this cruel winter to end immediately so I could get out there.

All of the different angles of the players hitting the ball through the always perfectly symmetric openings in the trees, and out of the always nicely raked sand-traps really reminded me of the beauty of this simple but incredible game.

The shots of the young children out on the course, the older man working out, and the homeliness the video gives off with the kitchen and beach scenes really help bring out the story in this video. Tradition, diversity and respect are some of the biggest aspects that makes up the sport of golf, and this video does a great job getting that point through. The family benefits that can come from golf, whether you are extremely good or not, are on full display as well. 

One of the players mentions that you are guilty for everything that happens on a golf course, the good and the bad, and I couldn’t agree more. Golf can help anyone build honesty and integrity, because if you aren’t being honest to yourself with your score you will never truly know how good you are. If you are always moving your ball around to best possible location you aren’t helping anyone.

That isn’t to say golf is so easy that you won’t ever have the urge to move the ball to a better location for a better shot, but if you plan on getting better, you need to know how to play from anywhere on any course. However, in my experience I would have to say golf is one of the hardest sports in the world, and can definitely drive one crazy if they don’t have the calmness or patience to handle hitting a bad shot every now and then.

Overall this promotional video by Callaway does an outstanding job of getting the message out about what all goes into being a successful golfer. The family support the players receive, the support they’re able to give their family if successful, and the amazingly beautiful courses the players get to play on are great enough reasons to start playing golf if you’ve never tried it, let alone all the money that can be awarded to the cream of the crop.

– TheOzzymandias